Which Gutters Should You Choose?

Gutters come in a variety of materials to keep rainwater away from the foundation of your home. Most homes need some type of gutter to reduce damage to siding and prevent the erosion of your landscape. Here are the most common materials used for gutters.


Aluminum rain gutters are the most popular material used. They are lightweight and easy to install, resist rusting and can last up to 25 years. These gutters come in three standard thicknesses, with the thinnest being the most likely to be bent or dented.


Vinyl gutters are lightweight and inexpensive, but may not be the best choice in cold climates because they can crack. This is the least durable material, lasting about 20 years. Prone to fading, vinyl can detract from the aesthetic of your home.


The most expensive gutter type is copper, but with its gorgeous shine that ages to a green patina, it can offer an old-world beauty to your home. Copper is durable in all climates, withstands all weather conditions and can last up to 100 years when properly installed.


Steel rain gutters are more durable than aluminum in severe-weather climates but can rust within ten to fifteen years even with galvanization. The extreme strength can be a benefit if you live in a climate with drastic temperature changes and dangerous weather.


Zinc gutters are extremely durable, with no need to paint because they develop a patina as they age. They are costly but can last up to 50 years and won’t rust, warp or fade. If used near salty, coastal air it can decrease the lifespan of zinc.

While copper and zinc are typically used on high-end homes, the other options are used on all types. Choose your material based on your budget and how long you want your gutters to last.