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3 Reasons To Move To Solar Power

Homeowners are becoming more interested in how to make their houses more eco-friendly. Solar panels New Jersey are appearing on more and more roofs across America as people discover how easy they are to install and how much of a difference they can make on the energy bills. If you are on the fence about installing solar in your house, we have three reasons that might make you change your mind.

1. Lower Your Energy Bills

One of the biggest benefits of using solar energy in the home is to lower your energy bills. The amount of power you generate from your panels depends on the size of your roof and the sunlight it receives. Even if you aren’t able to generate enough power to be totally off the grid, you can store electricity to use at times when rates are higher. Some local electricity companies will even buy electricity from you, which can reduce your bills.

2. Tax Benefits

Federal, state and local governments are recognizing the need to reduce dependence on electricity and other fossil fuel energy sources. They have taken the lead in incentivizing home solar panel installation by offering tax credits and other rebates. These benefits can drastically reduce the purchase price and installation cost, making it affordable to many homeowners.

3. Improve Property Value

Solar panels are considered an upgrade and there are homebuyers that are willing to pay a premium for a house with them. This is especially true in areas with high energy costs for heating or air conditioning. If you are thinking about selling in the near future, they might be a good investment.

Installing solar energy is a personal choice, but the financial benefits should make it an easy one. If you’re not sure about purchasing, many companies have leasing options, which can lower your costs even more. Do your research and see if it is the right choice for you.

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Finding the Right Sprinkler System

Worried about a fire on your property? There are a variety of different sprinkler systems that you can install to avoid a fire catastrophe. Each fire sprinkler system has its pros and cons; here are a few of the options to consider:

1. Wet Pipe System

Wet pipe sprinkler systems are the most commonly known type of sprinklers. These systems have exposed piping and sprinkler heads, and store water directly in the pipes. This type of fire suppression installation Mt Vernon NY might be right for you, as it is low-maintenance and affordable.

2. Dry Pipe System

If you happen to live somewhere where the weather is colder, it is worth looking into a dry pipe sprinkler system. Dry pipe sprinklers do not store water within the piping and are controlled from a valve housed further back in the system. If a fire is detected, the valve springs open and water flows through the piping to extinguish the fire.

3. Early Suppression Fast Response Sprinklers

If you are looking for sprinklers to add to a commercial property, an Early Suppression Fast Response  (ESFR) system might be right for you. In ESFR systems, the sprinklers are designed to prevent an accidental trigger. ESFR sprinklers are installed within your ceiling as opposed to exposed piping and produce great amounts of water immediately to protect against accidental fire.

4. Deluge Sprinkler System

Deluge sprinkler systems allow water to be quickly dispersed and could be the right fit for you if your property houses hazardous materials. Sprinkler heads within a deluge fire suppression system are already open, giving water immediate access to the fire once the valve is triggered.

Early detection of fire can save much in the way of property loss. Installation of fire sprinklers is a one-time expense that is worth every penny.…

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4 Home Projects Best Done by the Professionals

No two home projects are created equal. You might be able to dig that tree stump up in your front yard yourself but that doesn’t mean you have the ability to build your back deck yourself. There are some home projects either for safety or time reasons that you should leave it up to the professionals. Here are four examples.

1. Appliance Installation

You might think when you get a new appliance all you need to do is plug it in. Unfortunately, it is not that simple. For the right fit, safety and to make sure your appliance works correctly you will want to hire someone to come install your appliances for you. You should call a refrigerator installation service to help safely get your refrigerator into place or a dishwasher installer to make sure it is perfectly level for the best dish cleaning results.

2. Electrical Projects

Electricity can be scary and get dangerous fast. If you don’t have the professional knowledge for how to handle it don’t mess with it yourself! Calling an electrician even for simple projects like installing a new light fixture will ensure that your project is up to code and will keep your family safe from house fires.

3. Major Landscaping Projects

Down in the ground in your yard is a secret world of wire and pipes. Any major digging like for a pool, water feature or pathway should be left to the professionals. They know how to handle and watch for any potential issues.

4. Building Projects

Your family’s safety is your number one priority. If you want to add an extra room to your house, build a deck or even build a shed it is best to let professional builders do the foundational work. You want to make sure that everything is secure and safe and hiring the right person will make sure everything is done correctly.

There is a sense of accomplishment when you finish a project, but no matter how handy you are it is better to leave some projects to the professionals.…

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3 Ways To Spruce Up Your Backyard

If you find that no one wants to spend time in your backyard, there are some simple changes you can make. To create a fun backyard that everyone wants to be in, you have to create moments of purpose in your yard. Below are some tips for any size backyard, any size family, and any size budget.


Looking at the size of your yard and your personal style, choose a canopy that will cover a lot of ground without blocking a lot of light. If you have a small backyard you can simply use a suspended tarp. If you have a large backyard you could install a large pergola canopy. In addition to the size of the canopy, there are also many shapes available. Canopies should be placed over walkways, cement slabs, or outdoor tables. Do not place your canopy over a firepit. This creates a fire hazard and blocks smoke from escaping.


Having a dedicated seating area is essential for a backyard. Many backyards are not properly sectioned out. In this way, you might go outside and be confused about where to sit and where to play games. Create a dedicated seating area by choosing several chairs, an outdoor table, or stools and place them close together. Placing them under the canopy will help create an obvious place to rest.


An easy way to get people to spend time outside is by making an outdoor gaming space. Outdoor games such as cornhole, horseshoes, or darts are easy, fun, and do not require a lot of people to play. There are thousands of different games to choose from so it is easy to find the perfect game for your family.

If you have a tight budget, start by adding a game and a few chairs to your backyard. The important part is to get outside, enjoy the sun, and have fun.…

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How To Find The Perfect Home

Finding the perfect home is no easy task. There are so many variables that go into buying the right home for you and your future that it may be difficult to look at the entire process objectively and know when you’ve found the right home for you and your family. The home buying process is a difficult one, but one that everyone should be completely present for so that you don’t end up with buyers remorse. If you’re looking to avoid any regret in the home buying process and looking forward to moving into real estate Toms River that you know you’ll love, this article is for you.

Consider How Your Family Will Change

One of the most important aspects of buying a home is to consider how long you’ll be staying there and understanding the nuances of the situation that you’ll be in within the next ten to fifteen years. Think of the ways in which you see your family dynamic changing and consider if the houses that you’re buying will fulfill those demands. Are you looking to have a child within the next ten years? Consider the way that your life will change in the time that you’ll be staying in that home and make decisions on buying a home that will fulfill those needs in the future as well as today.

Find a Trusted Real Estate Agent

Buying a new home can be an incredibly stressful process, and you don’t necessarily want to navigate it alone, especially if it’s your first time buying a house. Real estate agents do get a cut of the sales of a home, so it’s important to find one that you know that you can trust and ultimately protects your interests. It can be easy to just go along with the process with a real estate agent, but it’s best to find a trusted real estate agent through friends and family.

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3 Things You Should Know About Buying A Home Near the Water

Most water-loving people dream of having a home near the water. In fact, realtors claim that waterfront property is one of the most sought-after and quickest property sales on the market. Here are three things you should know about buying a home near the water – before you buy!

1. Body Boundaries

If you are looking to buy a water-side house, make sure the property lines extend all the way to the edge of the water. If there is a dock, make sure you find out who is legally responsible for the wood plats and piers that constantly need to be replaced. One of the best ways to find the information is to obtain a legal description of the property by asking for an examination by a marine inspection services company. Purchasing a waterfront property with no access to the water would be heartbreaking.

2. Property Improvements

Many buyers believe that once they purchase an area of property, they can make as many improvements as they want. However, many cities and counties limit and restrict waterfront additions, alterations or modifications. This is especially true of modifying or replacing docks, water-side buildings and additions to existing homes. There are also often rules and regulations about removing trees, building fences and hardscape property additions.

3. Hidden Expenses

Waterfront homes often come with land leases because the government or local county maintains possession of the land the homes or cabins are built on. Although that means you won’t be paying property taxes if the land is leased, it requires a long-term property contract with the government or municipality for as long as 100 years that can add up to $750 per month to your expenses. Make sure you understand existing property ownership restrictions before purchasing the home.

Before you buy, have a marine inspection, check for hidden lease expenses, and determine what property alterations are applicable. It may take time to find all the hidden costs and limitations, but it will be well worth it.…

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How Should You Deal With Crawling Insects in Your Home?

Dealing with an infestation of crawling insects in your home can be frustrating and difficult. In general, it is best to address the problem as soon as possible. Insects have short reproductive cycles, and the population inside your home can spike rapidly. At the first indication that you have any six-legged critters lurking around, you should take action before the problem becomes any worse. Here are some things that you can do to rid your home of crawling insects.

Keep Your Floors Clean

Most crawling insects like to eat any scraps of food you leave on the floor. Making an extra effort to keep your floors clean can give them less to feed on. When you eliminate food sources, your kitchen will be a much less appealing hangout for cockroaches and many different types of ants. For more information about how to get rid of ants Fort Myers FL, contact a pest control service that has extensive experience serving residential customers in your area.

Use a Gel Bait

If you have observed crawling insects anywhere other than your floor, you may have a very active infestation. Gel bait is a good way to put a big dent in the insect population inside your home. The gel bait attracts the insects to feed, but it causes them to die soon after consumption.

Get Help From an Exterminator

Effectively addressing persistent crawling insects could require professional help. An exterminator can advise you about the best way to eradicate an active infestation and also give you some input about preventative treatments to fend off future infestations.

Ultimately, manually killing crawling insects is unlikely to keep your home free of insects. If you see one or two insects in your home, there are probably many more. Making your home less hospitable to insects and using an effective treatment method will help to keep your home of the tiny but annoying intruders.…

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How To Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

Whether you’re getting ready to sell your home or you want to enjoy driving up to a well-maintained exterior, there are many small ways to increase the curb appeal of your house. With a little bit of time and effort, you can transform a drab and boring exterior into a beautifully detailed one.

Trim Trees and Bushes

One of the main ways to change the look of your landscaping for the better is to trim the trees and bushes. When they begin to look gangly and overgrown, it detracts from the overall appeal of your home. To have trees removed you can have tree stump removal Raleigh come in and help. This seemingly small detail can make a huge difference.

Paint the Front Door

Instead of sticking with a plain black front door to welcome guests, choose a bright color that matches your personality. Red is a popular choice, but there are many shades of blue, yellow, gray and green that can optimize the aesthetic style of your house. Once the door is painted, you can purchase a new welcome mat and other small outdoor decor items to enhance the new color. Add a pretty flowering plant to increase the ambiance too.

Add or Upgrade Exterior Lighting

Updating the light fixtures near your front door and garage can immediately strengthen the beauty of your home. With proper uplighting near bushes and trees, you can even evoke a sense of upscale luxury. Make sure the lighting you choose is also functional, with enough brightness to move around at night and keep would-be burglars away.

As you can see, small details make a difference when it comes to increasing the value of your house through the art of curb appeal. Allow potential buyers to immediately feel like they’re coming home when they pull up to view your property.…

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Best Window Coverings for Bathrooms

Putting window treatments in your bathroom can be tricky because you need to take into account lighting, privacy and dampness. There are several options to consider to make your bathroom both attractive and functional.


Light-filtering shades such as cellular shades Cambridge are a great option for a bathroom that would be too dark with a more traditional curtain. Light-filtering shades let in enough sun to keep the bathroom well-lit without sacrificing privacy. Installing a top-down/bottom-up shade also allows you to control who gets to see what view. Those in the bathroom can still see the blue sky and the treetops while those on the outside can only see the top of your head at most.


There are different types of blinds that look nice in the bathroom.  Metal, plastic or faux wood blinds all resist mildew but the more natural-looking the material, the classier look for the bathroom. Blinds can be tilted to let in light but to also keep the room private from those on the outside.


Shutters always provide an upscale look to any home, but the wood may be subject to warping or splitting in the humidity of the bathroom. Ask your window covering professional about using a smaller version of outside shutters which are treated to withstand all types of weather conditions.

Glass Blocks

If you have a window in your shower, you may find your window treatment options somewhat limited as the constant splash of water may be enough to degrade any covering. Glass blocks may provide the perfect solution. The blocks act as a window that you can’t see through. The light gets in but the shapes in the shower are too distorted to make out, much like wearing another person’s very high prescription glasses.

Bathroom window treatments can do more than just provide privacy. Choosing the right style can make a big difference to the overall look of the room.…

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What Can You Do When Remodeling a Small Bathroom Space?

What Can You Do When Remodeling a Small Bathroom Space?

You want to give your tiny bath a new look, but you are afraid that fitting everything you’d like to see in such a stingy area is not feasible. Remember this. The transformation is probably more than possible if you approach it with equal measures of creativity and good, old-fashioned common sense. What can you do when remodeling a small bathroom space? You can use the most important tool you possess… your brain.

First, take stock of the space available. If you are stripping it down to the bare walls, then figure it that way. If you are leaving basic fixtures in place and doing a cosmetic overhaul instead, figure your available space without the space occupied by the fixtures. A simple way is to sketch the room to scale on a sheet of graph paper. Pencil in what items will be inside the room when you start (if any) and then come up with a layout that makes the most of the space you have.

If you don’t have room for a full tub and shower, then maybe making do with a shower only is a space saving solution. Pencil it in. If you have a vanity but it’s too big, try a pedestal sink instead and pencil that in. You can have shelves over the toilet to hold supplies. So shade that in with your pencil, as well.

Soon a picture will begin to emerge. You can have a new look in that tiny space, you simply have to use your brain and some ingenuity to get there. So, what is the correct response when you ask yourself, “What can you do when remodeling a small bathroom space?” You response should always be, “I should use my head and the space I have and create something wonderful”!…