Tips to Shopping For Quartz Kitchen Counter Tops

Tips to Shopping For Quartz Kitchen Counter Tops

Quartz kitchen counter tops come in many shapes and sizes, and are offered by many companies. Natural quartz offers a material which serve both design and function and are more durable than most granite or marble counters. It may also be referred to as “engineered stone”, so be sure to remember that as you start shopping for it.A�

Quartz kitchen counter tops are generally made with natural quartz, but are a blend of quartz and regular stone. The quality of the counter depends on the ratio of quartz to stone. The highest quality counters are at least 90% quartz, such as those by Kraft Maid or Mill’s Pride.A�

Aside from durability and quality, quartz kitchen counter tops also tend to come in more colors varieties than other types. This allows more interior design options, and the ability to have a truly unique can even have your kitchen counter top custom made for an even more unique design.A�A�

For easier kitchen remodeling or upgrades, you may wish to consider ready to assemble quartz kitchen counter tops. These allow almost anyone to assemble and install their own counters with relative ease and less mess, If you don’t see yourself as a weekend handyman, then you may wish to get a professional estimate for installation. Be sure to shop around for the best installation quote. Include the kitchen island, if you have one, in the price!A�

Those choosing to build their kitchen from scratch or to make additions to it may also wish to consider quartz. Not only is it slightly cheaper and more durable than some other options, it is typically easier to work with. Professional contractors may also wish to ask merchants about discounts offered to licensed professionals.A�

Finally, be sure to ask a lot of questions about the quality of the counter tops themselves. You want to know not only the ratio of quartz to stone, but where it comes from and what kind of warranty it has. This will keep you from getting stuck with poor quality and will help you find the best quality at the best price.