Order Is Space

Order Is Space

Baskets, carton boxes, plastic bags and even handbags have been used to store bathroom items. However, there is no better way to decongest a jumbled bathroom than using bathroom furniture like shelves and cabinets. Since it is used throughout the day, you want your bathroom clutter less and organized.

A little order

The easiest way is to install shelves. These can be as simple as wooden planks nailed into a wall. This in itself can neatly store many of your bathroom items and are easy to access.Drawers make things a little better by enabling safer storage and different things can be stored separately and out of sight.

A small cabinet beneath the sink can be used to store soap and other cleaning agents. One with a mirror above the sink can be used to store toothbrushes, hair brushes, hand towels and the likes. A cabinet placed conveniently above the toilet can store tissue rolls, hand towels and soaps.

With children in the house or even many adults, storing items according to a color code system you develop goes a long way in maintaining order. Do not use too many colors, as this would be confusing or even make you bathroom look like a rainbow. Select colors that match with your overall theme. For instance if your theme is nature, you might want to select earth colors like sepia, brown ochre, pastel green and the likes.

A medicine cabinet is very essential and the most convenient place to place it is in the bathroom above the sink. Here you can store stuff in safety and out of reach by children. If you want to place it low consider adding a latch to its door. This cabinet can be used to safely store pills, first-aid items as well as cosmetics. If possible, have one custom made for you with shelves for each member of the family.

If space is enough, neatly fold you towels and store them in shelves for both display and use. However, if space is limited then rolling them like cinnamon sticks allows the use of muck less space yet still giving a good appearance. Folding and rolling will give your towels a fresh and organized look. When no space is available, color-coded bins for kids can be used instead with each kid having his or her own color. These can as well be used for dirty towels and laundry.