Waterproofing Basements in One Day

Waterproofing Basements in One Day

Any form of waterproofing grout can be used by anyone to waterproof their basement, garage or any wall within one day. Once the grout is purchased, it can be easily mixed into a slurry before being applied to the walls, but there are simple steps to follow if you wish ensure that you do a good job.

1. Remove anything on the walls that would stop the slurry sticking to it – such as paint, varnish, oil and wallpaper. (Use only on mineral surfaces such as stone, brick, rubble, concrete and such). All old material should be removed at least 800mm from the visible damp zone.

As waterproofing must be continuous, interior dividing walls must be separated from exterior walls the width of a stone as far up as the render was removed.

2. Once the walls are bare, prime them with kiesol. The primmer should take 20 minutes to dry and will give the walls a slightly glossy finish. Traditionally, kiesol will react and reduce water seepage through any mineral material.

3. Once the kiesol is dry, open mix the grout with water using a whisk to make a fine slurry.

4. Once this is done, apply to the walls with a brush.

5. Allow each coat to dry for between 20 minutes to an hour before applying a second coat. The second coat should be freshly mixed to ensure its efficiency.

By applying two or three coats and allowing each to dry for 20 minutes in between, you will be able to make sure your basement is damp proof within a day.

Once the waterproofing is done, the bond between the grout and any wall should be strong enough, that high pressure water will be unable to breach it, making your home as damp-free as possible.

Waterproofing isn’t just limited to bathrooms and basements, grout can be utilized on brick walls, stone walls, rubble walls, concrete walls, for water-proofing floors, underneath floor boards, on water tanks, water-proofing bunds and stopping water getting out of most household systems.

It is also used in the construction of swimming pools, allowing for full water-proofing on the structure within just one day.

When choosing your grout, there are several to pick from such as UniBond or Remmers Sulfatex Grout Rapid, but they should all fit the budget of any DIY enthusiast. Most high street grouts are of extremely high quality, and are resilient under high water pressure (including negative pressure from behind) and resistant to frost, sulfate and even effective against mechanical and chemical action. Some are even vapor permeable which allows for its rapid drying ability.

To ensure a perfect job, during waterproofing, protect from sun, wind, rain and frost for 24 hours and keep damp, e.g. by covering with plastic sheet. It is crucial that you do not use at temperatures below +5A�C or above 30A�C, or on frozen surfaces