Benefits of a Home Inspection

Your home is probably the most significant and highest priced investment you will make in your lifetime. Not only is it a place to live, but it is where you will celebrate all the events in your life. You don’t want these memories tainted by problems that could have been avoided, but you may be unsure about paying hundreds of dollars on an inspection for a house you may not purchase.

Save Money

Did you know that home inspections can save you money? Before you search for residential home inspections Oshawa ON, you should understand that a reputable home inspector identifies potential, future and current problems with your home. After an inspection, you receive an inspection report that discusses the issues, and you can get estimates for the repair costs. You can then go back to the seller and request that the items be fixed or ask for a lower home price.

Early Warnings

Inspectors look for specific safety concerns. They also look for major defects in your home’s framing, foundation, roof, walls, electrical system, plumbing and appliances. They understand building codes and can identify violations that will need repaired or could affect your home’s structural integrity. In addition, inspectors understand signs of things you may not see, such as mold behind drywall, leaking plumbing, faulty wiring and insulation deficiencies.

Future Planning

Home inspections may also reveal potential future issues. For example, if you are purchasing an older home, you may have to replace the furnace or water heater in the near future. In addition, inspectors should be able to tell you how long your roof or septic system will last, so you can plan ahead for these large expenses.

Unbiased Review

Although they may have good intentions, real estate agents and sellers’ goal is to sell their home. However, inspectors earn their fee whether the home sells or not, so they are not biased. They have no familiarity with or feelings about a house. Therefore, they can view it objectively, as they would view an investment.

Before you purchase your home, consider hiring a reputable home inspector.