3 Ways to Protect a Commercial Roofing System

A commercial rooftop needs continual attention and protection to stay intact. Owners of commercial buildings should evaluate what they are doing to protect their roofing systems. Here are some ways that you can keep roofing material functioning properly and looking its best.

1. Use a Gravel Covering

A layer of gravel on a rooftop functions like a shield. It prevents damage to the exterior layer of your roofing material and any sealant. Also, it helps preserve the appearance of a rooftop. You’ll be less likely to see visible staining or sun-fading. Also, if any area of a building has an overhang, gravel will help to mask the appearance of items that fall onto the roof from a higher level in the building.

Gravel typically doesn’t fly off a rooftop, even in high winds. The individual pieces of gravel are simply too dense and heavy. However, they do tend to scatter around the roof slightly over time. A roof gravel vacuum is helpful for picking up stray pieces and redistributing them.

2. Check for Drainage Problems

A draining problem on a roof will almost certainly cause considerable damage. If your building has an onsite maintenance staff, talk to them about the importance of routinely checking to see if drains are working properly, and create a schedule to inspect the drainage system on a regular basis.

3. Get a Professional Evaluation

A structural engineer can examine the overall health of your roofing system and advise you about small issues as well as major capital needs. A professional analysis may be especially important for older buildings that are situated in regions that tend to experience extreme weather events.

Ultimately, don’t take your roof for granted or treat it as a self-sustaining feature of your building. Being attentive to your commercial roofing system will assure that it serves your building well for years to come.