3 Things To Do Immediately After Your Home Floods

Whether you’ve experienced a natural disaster or a busted pipe, a home flooding can be a devasting experience. Here are 3 things to get started on in the immediate aftermath.

1. Get the Water Out of There

There are a lot of reasons you do not want to let water sit stagnant in your home. The health and structural hazards grow with every second the water remains. It is best to find an emergency water removal Houston TX service in your area that can begin the expulsion right away. Bonus points if they can offer you repair services as well. Make sure you take the time to find the right company for you.

2. Call Your Insurance Agent or Landlord

If you are renting, you will want to immediately contact the owner of the property and inform them of the situation. If it is your own home, reach out to your insurance agent for the next steps; they may want you to wait for an adjuster to assess the damage before clean-up begins. In either case, document everything you can. Take pictures and videos of the damage. Note what personal effects have been affected and need replacing.

3. Get Out of the House

It is no longer safe to remain in your home. Grab your family and pets and remove yourself from the premises right away. Once outside, shut off the power, and if anyone is injured call 911. This may also be a good time to shut off your home’s water if that is the source of the flooding. If it is due to a natural disaster, quickly relocate to a temporary shelter; Local authorities or emergency radio channels should be able to advise you of the closet one

Flooding is no joke and, in some cases, can be quite scary. The important thing is to remain calm and follow the steps above to get on top of the problem.