3 Things To Consider When Updating Your Master Bath

The master bath is an essential room in the house for both market value and relaxation. After a few years in a home, you may find that this space isn’t up to your standards and requires a bit of a makeover to feel more luxurious. Work with a contraction that specializes in St Charles kitchen and bath to complete the following three projects.

1. Gut the Tub

While a garden tub was popular for many years, it isn’t frequently used by many homeowners. Many of today’s buyers prefer a more oversized shower stall. If you’re not taking baths often, then feel free to discuss removing it and opening up a walk-in shower that feels more like a spa. 

2. Focus on Light

This isn’t a room for darkness. Make it bright, and reap the sun’s positive benefits. If possible, request the contractor to add a skylight to either the shower or the available spot. This natural light is helpful in not only getting ready but brings a bit of serenity and high-end design. 

An alternative to the skylight is to invest in a unique chandelier or light. If you’re keeping the tub, put it above to add some elegance.

3. Go Big and Small With Tiles

Gut the generic shower tiles for something that has color and shine. On the floor, consider a mosaic of tiny textile tiles. These pieces are often textured, giving them a bit more grip than shiny porcelain. Also, the added grout helps prevent leaks and create a better hold. 

You can pair the smaller design with larger tiles on the walls. Here you might create a glistening shine of cream or white that accents the color pattern on the bottom.

Enjoy a newly renovated master bathroom that appeals to you and future buyers. Consider enhancing the light and creating more room and style in the shower. Both of these could improve the room.