3 Different Types of Travel Housing

Deciding where to stay while on vacation can be exciting, but also stressful. Whether you are traveling by yourself, with business associates or with family, you can check out the three different types below to see which ones fit your needs.

1. Hotel

Hotels are perhaps the most convenient housing type available. Many are located next to airports, which makes it handy to wake up the next morning and hop on over quickly. One advantage of the roadside variety, known as motels, is that many of them don’t require reservations. If you are driving on a long road trip, you can just pull over when you see one of the signs that say “vacancy.” Another benefit is that hotel bathrooms Milwaukee WI are oftentimes cleaned daily by housekeeping staff. A negative aspect is that they generally don’t have kitchens, so prepare to eat out during your trip. As a side note, many hotels offer customer loyalty programs that will save you money if you stay with them again in the future.

2. Airbnb

Is privacy one of your most important requirements? If so, Airbnb might be the option for you. These dwellings offer the most versatile options, depending on how much money you set aside. They are located anywhere from deep in the woods to the heart of downtown in a major metropolis. You can rent a studio for yourself or a mansion that holds up to twenty people. However, definitely check before booking because there are houses that seem like they are private, but you end up having to share the bathroom and kitchen with guests from other parties.

3. Hostel

This type of housing is ideal for backpackers on a budget traveling to big cities without their families. Cons include limited storage space and shared bedrooms/bathrooms. However, solo travelers may actually consider shared bedrooms as a good thing because many folks make friends that way. These abodes also tend to be the cheapest options, which leave you more cash to spend when you are out and about.

If you have always stayed at the same type of place, you might want to think about branching out a little bit. You never know when you will fall in love with a new jet-setting lifestyle.