3 Things To Consider When Choosing Interior Lighting

Lighting is typically considered utilitarian rather than aesthetic, but it has elements of both. You may not be aware of it when the lighting is accentuating the beauty of a room, but you sure notice when it detracts from it. To choose the right Hudson Valley lighting Tampa FL, take the following into consideration.

1. Interior Design Scheme

The lighting fixture you choose should be compatible with the overall scheme of your interior design. A very modern fixture would not look good in a rustic or traditional room, just as a very ornate fixture would not look good in a minimalist room. It is often fairly easy to tell whether a fixture matches the overall aesthetic or not, but take careful stock of your existing style before shopping for lighting.

2. Size and Function of Room

The size of a new lighting fixture should be proportional to the size of the room. A small fixture in a large room may not provide adequate illumination, while a large fixture in a small room just doesn’t fit. If you have a room that is 10 feet wide by 12 feet long, the diameter of the light fixture should be about 22 inches because 10 plus 12 equals 22.

What the room is used for also makes a difference. The fixture that you choose for a bedroom may be different from one that would be appropriate for a kitchen, washroom, or entryway.

3. Purpose of Lighting

What function is the light going to serve in your home? Is the lighting an accent, intended to draw attention to a particular focal point in the room? Is it to illuminate a particular task, such as cooking dinner, paying bills, or reading a book? Or do you require ambient lighting that fills up the whole room, or at least a majority of the area? Chances are that you will need all three types of lighting in your home, so you should determine what type of fixture can provide what you need in each area.