5 Spring Cleaning ideas for Your Home’s Exterior

When people hear spring cleaning, they often think of decluttering and airing the house’s inside out. Your house’s exterior could probably use a little love after weathering the winter, too. These five ideas will help you get outside areas spruced up and ready for warmer weather activities.

1. Inspect the Roof

An annual roof inspection can detect signs of trouble early before they start leaking. Look for loose shingles, moss growth and missing or damaged flashing. Be sure to inspect the gutters, too, and look into gutter replacement companies Vancouver if you find any damaged or loose sections.

2. Wash Windows

Cleaning windows isn’t an unusually hard task, but unless your home is equipped with tilting windows, you probably don’t do it very often. Now is a great time to fix that. Look into products that make it easy to spray windows clean without the need to scrub.

3. Pressure Wash Siding

Houses with vinyl, brick and stone siding will probably benefit from a quick once-over with a pressure washer. There is a huge range of models on the market if you want to do it yourself, or you might consider hiring a contractor for le=arger or more involved applications.

4. Refresh Garden Beds

Now is the time to get gardens ready for the upcoming growing season. Combine any dead leaves into the soil to provide a nutrient boost. Adding landscape fabric and mulch helps them look neat and will also deter weeds as the weather warms up.

5. Seal Wooden Structures

That backyard deck is a great place to gather with friends and family, and it will look a lot nicer if you seal it against the elements. Start by scrubbing any dirt and debris that has built up and treating any moldy areas. Then use a high-quality water sealer or stain product to give it a fresh appearance. It will look great and last a lot longer, too.

Spring clean the outside of your home by freshening up the siding, windows and garden beds, inspecting the roof and sealing any wooden structures.