3 Simple Curb Appeal Updates for Selling in the Winter

Wondering how you can sell your home quickly during the winter? No matter the time of year, it’s important to do what you can to help your property outclass the competition. Follow these three simple curb appeal updates to give your house a makeover in the cold weather months.

1. Remove Landscaping Debris

The quickest way to get your yard looking great in the winter is by getting rid of all landscaping debris that’s collected during the summer and fall. In addition to picking up leaves and clearing out any brush, you need to remove bigger items like fallen trees and stumps. You don’t want potential buyers to see this as a project they’ll have to take care of themselves. Rely on professional fallen tree removal Towson MD to get rid of this unsightly debris and transform the look of your yard instantly.

2. Renovate the Front Door

Turn your front door into a gorgeous focal point to give your property a quick curb appeal boost. In addition to painting the door – or staining it if you prefer the natural beauty of wood – install some quality hardware in a style that matches the overall look of your home. It’s an easy way to give buyers a warm welcome before they even step inside.

3. Create a Cozy Glow

If you’re selling during the winter, the days are shorter and it’s likely that you’ll occasionally show your house after dark. Give your guests a cozy first impression by installing landscape lighting to highlight the unique features of your house and yard. Direct solar-powered spotlights toward the house and install path lights to lead visitors toward your front door.

Real estate experts agree that curb appeal is crucial in getting your home noticed by homebuyers. Follow the tips above to enhance the look of your property and bring those prospective buyers through the door.