3 Tips To Pack Up Your Home Like a Pro

Moving to a new place can be very stressful; this is especially true when you think about how much stuff you have to pack. If you are not an experienced mover, consider a few helpful tips to guide you in the packing process.

1. Use a Variety of Box Sizes

When you go to buy your packing supplies Lodi, avoid buying boxes that are all the same size. It may seem more efficient to use a smaller number of large boxes, but many household items will require a different packing method. To estimate how many boxes you might need, think about how many medium size boxes it would take to hold the contents of each room in your house. Once you reach a total, consider buying only half of this number of medium boxes and making the rest small and large boxes.

2. Combine Heavy and Light Items

For organizational purposes, it may seem smart to put similar items in boxes together. While this works to some degree, it can sometimes result in ridiculously heavy boxes. For example, don’t fill an entire box with large textbooks. Consider putting a few heavy items on the bottom of a box and then filling in the spaces and the top of the box with something light. Blankets and pillows are great for filling up space without adding much weight. Remember to evaluate which items it is best to leave behind.

3. Use Plenty of Packing Material

A final, but very important, tip is to not skimp on your packing material. Glassware, dishes and other fragile items should be wrapped in thick paper or plastic that will prevent breakage during the moving process.

Moving almost always requires a lot of hard work, but that doesn’t mean it has to be overwhelming. By approaching your move box by box, you can get yourself and all your things to your new space in one piece.