Why You Should Call a Chimney Sweep Today

If your house has a fireplace, you probably long for the colder months of the year. Enjoying cozy evenings by the fire can be a memorable experience. However, if your fireplace and chimney do not receive regular inspections, your safety may be at risk. Here are four reasons to get proactive about fireplace safety.

Prevent Chimney Fires

A chimney sweep’s primary job is to clear out debris caused by soot and smoke. Left alone, this build-up increases the likelihood of a chimney fire. The caked-on creosote that accumulates over time is highly flammable. An inspection can help you determine needed chimney repair Virginia Beach VA and make your chimney safer to use for years to come.

Improve Air Quality

Fire smoke contains particles and pollutants that are harmful to your respiratory system. Left unchecked, a chimney coated with residue can release these contaminants into your home. Annual chimney cleanings can reduce the risk of sickness caused by fire pollution and can increase the air quality in your home.

Protect Your Home from Water Damage

When water enters a chimney, it can cause severe structural damage. The liner of the chimney can deteriorate, develop cracks or become rusty. Excess water can stain interior walls and ceilings and contribute to the growth of mold. Regular chimney inspections can put a halt to potential damage and allow necessary repairs to be made.

Keep Pests Out

Small animals often find shelter in chimneys, building nests that cause blockages and fire hazards. Animals can also become stuck in the chimney and plague your home with a horrible stench. A sweep can safely remove pests who have made your chimney their home.

As a preventative measure, a chimney cap can be installed as well. This covers the top opening of the chimney, allowing smoke to get out while stopping animals from getting in.

Taking proactive home maintenance measures can save you time and money. In the case of your fireplace, they can also increase your safety and your peace of mind.