Why you need to invest in a dual-zone wine cooler

When your dream of being the best wine collector leads you to search for the best storage solution for your accumulation of red and white wine, you might find yourself scrolling many manufacturers’ websites specialising in this unique field. Bodega43 Wine Cooler shop is one of many manufacturers teaming up with an outlet to provide the public with only state-of-the-art dual zone wine coolers. And as your passion lies in collecting a robust amount of red and white wine, you will find it beneficial to own such a great wine storage unit.

What is a dual-zone wine cooler?

A dual-zone wine cooler is simply explained as a wine cooler that encompasses two different temperature zones within one storage capacity. The way this feature is achieved is by the placement of a steel divider within the middle of the storage area. Subsequently, providing a separate temperature zone for red wine and another setting for white wine. Since red wine is recommended to have a more cosy environment as it is served at room temperature, this temperature can only be beneficial if it is set at 12 degrees Celsius. At the same time, you must place white wine in a cooler range as it is usually served at a colder temperature. However, there is some debate around this, as some wine experts would prefer that both wines can take advantage of a temperature between 7 – 18 degrees Celsius.

Dual-zone versus single-zone wine coolers

Upon describing the differences between a dual-zone and a single-zone wine cooler, the fact is that both encircle the same beneficial aspects that contribute to the welfare of the wine stored inside this unique unit. But on the other hand, a single-zone wine cooler only has one storage capacity that can only provide one temperature range. Thus, it can only sustain either red or white wine and not together as a dual-zone wine cooler. Both these units have the same aspects but differ in storage needs. In addition, they provide the proper humidity by setting it at a steady 70%. If this lacks in any way, it can lead to some unwanted damage and costly endeavours. For example, if the humidity percentage is too high, this would consequently dry out the corks, leaving space for oxidisation. And if left at a level below the recommended gage, it will cause mildew and mould, “putting up tents” in your priceless wine fridge. Thus, keeping with the rules of temperature and humidity would aid in the wine’s need to age appropriately.

Keeping up with appearances

As the dual-zone wine cooler takes care of your special wine bottle collection, so does it require the same care to prolong its longevity. For example, always place your wine cooler in a darker area in your home, as direct sunlight is described as wine’s worst enemy. Luckily the wine cooler comes equipt with a universal set of placing a UV protective film within the unit’s glass door. In addition, it is also advised to keep your wine cooler away from appliances that give off their heat, such as an oven or microwave. And always follow the rules when it comes to the correct way in which to clean your wine cooler. Always use a soft cloth with a non-abrasive detergent to clean the interior and leave the unit’s glass door open so that leftover moisture and properly dry out. And that is it, and if you take care of your wine cooler, it will take care of your needs to be a world-class wine connoisseur.