What You Should Know About Air Conditioners

Air conditioning is one of the greatest luxuries in hot seasons and regions. If you’ve ever gone without one, you know intense temperatures can make you feel like you’re actually baking in the sunlight. While AC does act as a savior from the tyrant of hot climates, here are a few things you should know when you need air conditioner repair Houston TX

Faulty Air Conditioners are Unhealthy

When a unit stops working or works at reduced capacity, it is one of the most annoying let downs. However, did you know it could actually be detrimental to your health? Poor maintenance can allow microorganisms to grow on the air conditioning machine. The consequences of continuous exposure to these bacteria could lead to some respiratory infections. Not to mention that overheating is a constant threat in hot climates so having AC can literally save people’s lives.

AC’s Use a Refrigeration Cycle

If you’ve ever wondered exactly how an AC unit produces cold air, here is the summary. Heat is absorbed when evaporation occurs; so, the AC pumps coolant into a compressor that forces the liquid to evaporate, absorbing heat with it. In the next chamber, the recently evaporated coolant is put through a condenser and returns to liquid form and casts off newly cold air. Given the coolant’s properties, the heat that was absorbed in the vapor is thoroughly cooled before it condenses again.

AC’s Can be Designed for Comfort or Process Purposes

Your apartment’s AC unit is classified as comfort a application since it is designed for personal use. However, there is another application for AC known as a process application. This is when AC’s are designed for use in factories, planes and various industrial environments to sustain a suitable situation for workers and the technology they make.

AC technology is an integral part of personal and professional lifestyles as it can save lives and keep work environments appropriate for the supplies factories make and the people who work in them.