The Benefits of Bathroom Remodeling

When it’s time to update your home, one of the best investments you can make starts in the bathroom. Most homeowners know that potential buyers like to see an updated kitchen and bathroom, but remodeling these spaces offers more than value in dollars.

Bathroom Remodeling Reflects Personality and Style

Bathroom remodeling Neptune Beach allows a homeowner to tap into his or her own personality and sense of style. Adding colors and textures can create a feeling of luxury, relaxation or modernity and the owner gets to decide what is wanted.

Some people crave a respite from their busy lives and a bathtub and space to retire to in the evenings. Others want to recreate a beachy feel from their favorite vacation. And some simply want to modernize a bathroom with aging fixtures and decor.

Bathroom remodeling gives the owner a sense of control over his or her environment and a feeling of peace in the updated space.

Updates Can Increase Value

While monetary value isn’t the only benefit of remodeling, it’s an obvious bonus and one that can’t be ignored. Bathroom remodeling can add up to 3% to the price of a home and owners may recoup up to 50% of their renovation costs. It can also improve the visual appeal to the potential buyer. When looking into renovation, style, budget and value should all be considered.

Bathroom remodeling can include upgrading the bathtub, shower, faucets, floor and lighting. It may also entail installing new counters and mirrors. Finally, fresh paint or wallpaper can complete the updated look and add to that visual appeal and value. It’s a good idea to decide which updates make the most sense for your unique project and vision.

Renovating your bathroom can provide benefits beyond dollars upon sale of the home. The feeling of pride and even peace in your personal space might be the greatest gain of all.