Small Bathroom Tips

Small Bathroom Tips

These days our bathrooms are getting smaller and smaller so we have to make the absolute most of the space we have. Often we have three or four people using the same bathroom. Here are some tips to help you make the most of a small bathroom.

One with the most important things to have in the bathroom is great storage, however in a small bathroom you have to be very careful with space. Try to use floating glass shelves on the walls as this will give the room a feeling of space. Other storage cupboards need to be subtle and hidden.

Many people these days are using wall hung vanities and toilets as they take up less space in the bathroom. They will also create a more contemporary look to the bathroom.

Make sure you have plenty of glass and mirrors in the bathroom as they will also make your bathroom look better. Mirrors also bring lots of light and reflection into the room.

When choosing your color scheme it is best to stay away from patterns and busy wallpaper. If possible choose plain colors and try to keep them neutral, as you can always change the look of the bathroom with new bright colored towels and other accessories. Choosing the color White for your bathroom will go a long long way in helping it look more spacious.

Large Tiles can help make the room look bigger, however you do need to be careful with large tiles on the floor, as they may have to be cut to fit. Large tiles on the walls of the shower and above the bath can be very useful in helping the room look larger.