Roper Rhodes Bathroom Furniture: More Than Just Any Other Product

Roper Rhodes Bathroom Furniture: More Than Just Any Other Product

Roper Rhodes Ltd. is one of the largest and most prestigious companies dealing in bathroom furnishing and other bath based products. The company was founded by Brian Roper in 1979, and has since grown into Britain’s one of the most looked out company for sanitary products. Quite logically the company is based at a place called Bath, known as the Spa-city.

Roper Rhodes bathroom furniture comes with an overwhelming range of products to make your bathroom special and different from other bathrooms. If your bathroom has furniture from Rthe company, then we do not call the bathroom well furnished, but we call it beautifully decorated with designer stuff. The catalogue of Roper Rhodes products range from classic style Victorian fixtures to modern day modular and technologically advanced gadget flaunting bathroom fixtures. It keeps a perfect balance between the classic and the contemporary, in other words it occupies almost all possible categories of bathroom furniture. It comes up with various designs of washstands, fixtures, mirrors, taps, bath cabinets, accessories, panels and all other things one would like to have in his or her bathroom, in various shapes and sizes.

They also have a wide range of colors for all these products which gives these bathroom furniture a unique texture for every different personality, thus making your bathroom a neighbor’s envy and your pride. The enterprise concentrates very much on research and development. Due to this Roper Rhodes bathroom furniture continuously comes up with innovative ideas and new models of bathroom furniture from time to time. The highly qualified indigenous team of researchers and scientists work round the clock to develop products of cutting age modern quality, and also ensures the comfort level of the customer goes up from time to time whenever a purchase is made.

Roper Rhodes Ltd. gives the utmost value to its customers. The customer service phone number is available all the time. People are specially employed by the company to be stationed at these numbers, so that no enquiry is left unattended. All questions of the curious customer are answered patiently, without taking into consideration whether there is a purchase potential in that particular person.

The company supplies its products through a huge chain of retail stores dotted all across Britain and Ireland. All orders are delivered directly to home. If ordered from within the United Kingdom, a product can take as much as 3 days to reach the customer after the order has been placed. But orders can also be delivered within a day if the locations are suitable and the order can be transported easily to the consumer. The company also has an enviable customer list. From multiplexes, to almost all large buildings, to major builders, merchants, plumbing companies, to departmental stores, to retail chains, all are valued customers of the company. This huge customer base is managed by a chain of employees, who work efficiently to satisfy their customers.

The company have now grown to such a large enterprise, that the primary goal of profit making has become so automatic that the company can commit itself to the betterment of its community and the environment. Roper Rhodes is strongly committed to the welfare of the general people and the under-privileged. The company has committed itself to contribute 3 percent of its speculated profits, or pre tax profits to various charities and institutions which work for a good cause.