Moving A Toilet In Your Bathroom

Moving A Toilet In Your Bathroom

From time to time we like to totally change the look of our home. For whatever the reason is it can be a great idea to add some value to your property or just to make it a more practical and functional home to live in. When it comes to major work such as structural changes it is best to leave the work to a fully qualified professional builder but there are jobs that you can have a go at yourself that will help to make a considerable difference to your home. One relatively nasty job that most people would pay a plumber to do is move a toilet but in reality this something that you can do yourself.

As long as you are sensible when working with sewage then you should not be afraid to attempt moving a toilet. Depending whether you are just moving the toilet from one place in the bathroom to another or to another totally different place in the home will depend on how much work is involved.

If moving the toilet to another part of the bathroom you should ensure that you have the correct run off degree on the sewage pipe work to guarantee clean disposal of the waste, without doing this you will create a terrible smell problem in your home. Continuing an existing drainage system is a simple job as long as you make sure that all joints are sealed correctly.

If you are moving a toilet to another part of the house you should first check that you can tap into the correct drainage pipes as this will save a lot of time and work. It is a wise idea to run the drainage to the place where the toilet will be situated before you fix the toilet in place this offers a much better chance for you to correct any errors.

So if you use common sense and keep it simple you should easily be able to complete this job with the minimal amount of fuss.

Each room in your home offers up challenges when you come to remodel and renovate. Each room whether it be the kitchen, the bedroom, the living room or the bathroom have their own little hurdles that you have to overcome to get the room to look as smart as you possibly can. Usually these little tasks present themselves as the finishing touches that need to be completed to make the room look perfect. One job that should be considered when remodelling your bathroom is how you should conceal the unsightly pipe work, of which there is plenty in the bathroom.

Depending which floor your bathroom is on hiding pipe work can be a fairly simple task. If your bathroom is on the first floor of your home the pipe work may enter the room at a different point to where the bathroom fixtures are. If this is the case in your bathroom you should consider running the pipe work around the perimeter of the room and concealing it with trunking or skirting boards. This is a particularly neat way of hiding ugly pipe work.

If your bathroom is on the second floor of your home you can run most of the pipe work under the floor and only bring it to the surface at the point where it is needed at the fixture. Pipe work will generally be hidden when running to a bath but it will be visible when running to a basin. In this instance the offending pipe work is best hidden by a basin pedestal.

So as you can see there a few different ways to keep your bathroom looking smart by concealing the pipe work, you only have to choose which method is best for you.