Limestone Kitchen Tiles For Enhancing The Beauty Of The Room

Limestone Kitchen Tiles For Enhancing The Beauty Of The Room

You can give a luxurious and an elegant look to the bathrooms by perfectly installing Bathroom floor tiles. You have to pay a lot of attention while buying the tiles for these areas. There are many factors to consider while installing these. This space witnesses a lot of moisture and get spills from soap and shampoo residues. The surface has a higher probability of getting in touch with the acidic solutions, so you have to consider all the following factors before buying them.

Wet location-absorbent tiles

If you are using absorbent tiles, all the spills and moisture present on the surface will penetrate. This will damage the brightness of the surface very easily. The colorful ones will show a lot of permanent stains on the surface. The changing temperatures of heat and cold water in the bath can cause surface damages to absorbent tiling materials. If you use absorbent materials for the floors, then you should install them along with a high quality sealant. Bathroom floor tiles need resealing after a particular time to keep their shine. It is better if you use non-absorbent materials on wet surfaces.

Slippage and coefficient of friction

The important feature to note while getting the tiles for bathroom is slippage. You have to know how slippery your floor is going to be, before installing them. The friction coefficient decides the amount of slipperiness of the surface. The coefficient ranges from 1 to 10. High coefficient number provides good friction. When the coefficient is less, this indicates high level of slipperiness. So, you have to consider this while installing the floors. The spills on the bathroom floors will increase the slippery effect of the floor. You should select the tiles material which has high traction level. To decrease slippage, you can use rubber mats on the floors.


You have to get the bathroom floor tiles, which need low maintenance. Buy tiles which are easy to clean and do not need high maintenance. They should have the features of stain and scratch resistance. Regularly clean them to get rid of germs and moisture, present on the floors. Use stone cleaners which are specially made for these.

Walking barefoot

You have to consider the temperature and texture of the floor before you install them in the bathroom, as you walk barefoot in the bathroom. Many materials available, are very good conductors of heat. In summer they are warm and in winter they are cool. So, you have to select the tiles according to your comfort. If you want to reduce the coolness of these surfaces during winter, place a few mats on the surface.

While buying and installing the bathroom floor tiles, check all these factors for creating effective bathrooms. You should install them in various patterns to give a stunning look to the room.