Improve Your Home’s Equity With These 3 Quick House Repairs

Whether you’re planning on moving in the next few months or not for many years, keeping your home in good repair increases equity, which can result in better mortgage rates and better selling prices. Home repairs can be intimidating, but there are many small ways that add up to a big increase in your home’s equity. Here are the top three ways to add value to your home without much work.

1. Kitchen Renovation

If the words “kitchen renovation” frighten you with thoughts of expensive repairs and major inconvenience, don’t worry: There are many ways to improve your home’s kitchen without a lot of time or money. Try degreasing and refinishing the cabinets to add a healthy gleam. Swap out outdated organization systems and try out a sleek lazy susan or some spice racks to optimize space. Small construction projects like countertop repair Manhattan NY or a kitchen plumbing update are inexpensive and don’t hold up your kitchen for too long.

2. Energy Efficiency

With environmental concerns always on the horizon, many homeowners are looking to not only save money but to save the planet as well by improving their home’s energy efficiency. Small changes like caulking the windows, installing ceiling fans, planting trees outside or other simple projects can make homes healthier and more valuable.

3. Updated Appliances

Do you know of a dishwasher or oven that’s reached the end of its lifespan? Installing newer appliances like HVAC systems, thermostats, washer and dryers and other miscellaneous electronics can have a big impact on a home’s value. Although many have a high initial investment, the improved efficiency and home equity can make a big difference in the long run.

One of the benefits of improving your home’s equity is that you get a more comfortable living space out of the deal. With a handful of simple repairs, you can create a noticeable increase in your homes’ desirability.