How to Choose Vanity Units for Bathrooms

How to Choose Vanity Units for Bathrooms

Interior designing your bathroom is easier these days with a huge range of different types and styles of vanity units for the bathrooms available in the market. Getting hands-on with picking the one that fits the home owners taste and design visualized is now easy for the home owners. So, how do you find the right vanity unit for bathrooms that would be both functional and aesthetically fitting?

Know the types of vanity units.

• The common standard unit consists of a sink, and a mirror cabinet to hold the toiletries, medications, and other personal hygiene stuff.

• Wall mounted units are convenient for small to medium sized bathrooms. It allows a wider floor space, and makes the bathroom larger. It increases foot traffic area move around on.

• And, lastly, the corner unit is ideal for bathrooms of small space area. It is not a popular choice for vanity units in the bathrooms but it is helpful in the usage of a free corner where two adjacent walls meet, and leave the rest of the bathroom free.

Consider your floor space and foot traffic. A wall mounted unit will allow extra space below it for storage, while the corner unit will isolate the activity in the corner and allows the rest of the bathroom free for any other accessories for use. In choosing the size and style for vanity units, always consider the floor area you have of your bathroom.

Go for functionality. Bathrooms came a long way since it was considered in interior designing business. It should have the four basic functions: surface and washing areas, storage, and a mirror for use. Surface areas should be enough to hold several items for the user, or an area to place hand soap, lotion, and towel to dry. Washing area should accommodate the number of people who constantly use the bathroom. The storage area should have enough space, and mirrors should be securely placed, either on the wall or attached to the main cabinetry.

Tailor it for use. In choosing the right unit, consider the age-range of the people who will be using the bathroom. If there’s the need for extra storage, make sure that it should have secure closings if there are children in the house. Hard surface and sharp edges should be considered if there are elderly and children who use the bathroom, and height should be at a comfortable level for the people who will be generally using the bathroom.

Do not forget style. Aside from the vast range of designs, material used, surface texture, sizes, and colors of vanity units, manufacturers can tailor the vanity unit for bathrooms depending on the consumers needs. A sleek design would look good for you profession home owners, while a family can use a vanity unit that is styled to look like furniture making the bathroom comfortable for family members. Style is never compromised with the choices available in the market right now.

With a wide selection of vanity units in the market today, getting the right one to cater to your needs and fits your bathroom design is made easy. Now you can choose your vanity units for bathrooms to be both functional and stylish at the same time.