Handicapped Seat – Designed Specifically For the Aging Cluster

Handicapped Seat – Designed Specifically For the Aging Cluster

Have you ever thought yourself aging and incapable of performing your usual chores? If not, imagine how a person with weak knees and frail bones feels when moving. Picture this person lowering himself in the bathtub to cleanse his whole body. Can you imagine how daunting it is for this person to lower on the tub floor and cleanse his whole body? Standing up will not do any good either since it requires being on your feet for longer period; old people cannot hold on to their feet for long.

When people age, the tasks that seemed very simple become complicated and daunting. Take bathing for example. Young people love to soak in suds after a long and tiring day. Bathing makes them feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Old people however dread going to the bathroom because it often means they have to experience pain and face the possibility of a fall. Bathroom equates danger because of the slippery floors, shiny and hard surfaces, and installed electrical appliances. Fortunately, technology always has a way of dealing with these challenges by creating mobility aids for elders and disabled. Handicapped seat is one of the independent living products especially designed for the physically challenged cluster.

A handicapped seat is a wonderful way of making the process of bathing less risky. Getting in and out of the bathtub can be quite dangerous for old people. The bathtub can be a little bit higher than they would like or can be slippery and wet after another household member finished bathing. By placing a bath seat in your tub, elders can enjoy bathing experience without risking their safety.

How does one use a bath seat? A shower stool in the bathtub or shower lets the user sit down while they are bathing. Some bath seats are like stools but for comfort and support, choose a bath seat with backrest and armrests. Some styles even have padded seats for a softer surface. Often, shower seats for the handicapped are constructed of rust resistant material like stainless steel, aluminum, or plastic and are generally lightweight.

Bathroom safety should be of utmost concern since studies show that more people are having accidents in the bathroom; the elders are more prone to accidents because of their physical conditions. Aside from placing bath seats on your bathroom, you can also apply the following measures to make your space safe for elders:

Remove rugs or anything that can cause slipping or tripping.

Place non-slip appliques on the shower floor.

Secure towel racks with large anchor bolts.

Place bathing necessities like soap and shampoo within easy reach, preferably waist high.

Install grab bars inside the toilet.

If you have the budget, consider upgrading your tub to a walk in tub.

Some people would say that they will just use ordinary chairs in aiding their elders. This could be a temporary solution until you purchase an authentic bathroom seat one for your elder. No other seat can provide the maximum safeguard to elders and people with disabilities other than handicapped seats. You should not compromise their safety just because you want to save some money.

You might want to consider the handicapped seat by Drive Medical, which sells at $95.50 at . This specific model is one of the most popular selling elevated toilet seat made of heavy-duty plastic and has a foam padding for added comfort. It also has a locking device, courtesy of a heavy-duty worm screw, to ensure stable bathing.

Bathroom experience need not be daunting for elders. With simple precautions and mobility aids like bathroom seats, you can mitigate the risk of possible accidents easily.