Get To Know the 5 Different Types of House Foundations

If you’re building a custom home, it’s a good idea to research the different types of foundations available. This can help you choose the best foundation based on your climate, your budget and your land. Here are the five main foundations available for a home build.

1. Concrete Slab Foundation

A concrete slab is one of the most common foundations built by foundation contractors Los Angeles. It is a flat slab of concrete supported by steel rods and drainage pipes. Once the slab is built, the home is constructed on top of it. They are typically four to eight inches thick.

2. Basement Foundation

Basements are popular because of the extra living space or storage they can provide. A hole is dug to a depth of eight feet below the ground. Concrete pillars surround the perimeter of the basement to provide support for the house above. This is the most expensive type of foundation.

3. Wood Foundation

Wood foundations offer a quick installation process that is less expensive than other materials. Pre-treated wood is used that resists decay, insects and mold.

4. Crawlspace Foundation

A crawlspace foundation can give you a small amount of storage space below the house that can be used as an area for a furnace and other equipment. They offer protection against flooding and termite damage.

5. Pier and Beam Foundation

When you live on the coast you need a foundation that can withstand hurricanes, shifting soil and flooding. Long pillars are driven into the deepest soil levels for extreme durability.

Depending on your location and your budget, a few foundation choices will be available to you. Talk to other homeowners in the area to see what they have and if they like it or not. You can also pick the brain of local contractors to see what foundations work best in your area.