Festive-Season Inspired Mosaic Bathroom Tiles

Festive-Season Inspired Mosaic Bathroom Tiles

Despite the often hectic time of year, now is actually a time when people start to think about and plan to decorate their bathroom. Perhaps you’re looking for a project for the New Year perhaps? A job that’s needed doing which can’t wait any longer – and the fresh start of January seems like a good time?

So if you are thinking about and planning a new bathroom, here are some ideas for mosaic bathroom tiles. But where to start when there is such a huge range of mosaics on the market, in such a vast array of colours and combinations.

Well, why save the rich and sumptuous shades of the festive season for December? Why not take a close look at the luxurious and gorgeous colours all around and add a touch of that Christmas cheer to your home all year round. There is so much to be inspired by at this time of year – decorations, wrapping in all patterns and delightful Christmas ornaments throughout the home. The greens of the Christmas tree, golds of traditional ornaments and the calming white of the expected snow and traditional backdrop to this time of year.

So perhaps think about the gorgeous glass mosaic and stone mosaic tiles in a host of uplifting colours and tempting textures. Or transform kitchens, bathrooms and cloakrooms with mosaic tiles in gorgeous greens, ravishing reds, glistening gold and wonderful whites to create cosy, warm and welcoming interiors for homes of all styles and sizes.

Nature’s colour green can have a calming and harmonising effect as well as being soothing. So why not go green with glass mosaic tiles in a range of green shades? You might try delicious apple green, emerald green, kiwi green and malachite green or for more of a crisp wintry shade of green dive in to aqua green.

Using mosaic glass tiles in resplendent reds can add energy, excitement and passion to your home’s interior. So use this typically seasonal colour in a contemporary and creative way with a stunning scarlet red and cherry red glass mosaic tile to give some punch and glamour to your room.

So, as it is Christmas, why not take inspiration from the colours, shades and traditions around you and create a design to carry through that Christmas cheer all round. You’ll find the cosy, warm and welcoming colours simply irresistible and a great addition to your home.