Being a Responsible Landlord During a Pandemic

As a commercial property owner, it’s important to have a good relationship with your current tenants. This relationship should be mutually beneficial. You provide a clean, working property with amenities to occupants, and they pay rent on time and take care of the spaces they occupy. This is especially true during a pandemic. Here are some things to think about.

Check Your Insurance

It’s your responsibility to make sure that your building is covered for losses or damages due to theft and certain weather events with property insurance. Consider purchasing additional business interruption insurance to help cover income shortages due to a pandemic. Some of your occupants may be directly impacted by loss of business or income which will impact your bottom line. Policies that help cover an interruption in business can help everyone deal with COVID-related shortages.

Sanitize Your Spaces

Often owners of commercial and business spaces will take care of custodial services for their properties. While a deep cleaning after a tenant moves out is a good idea, it is often not enough during a global pandemic. Consider contracting with a professional cleaning company Milpitas CA to provide sanitizing services to help curb the spread of germs in your building.

Step Up Your Security

Renters want to feel safe and secure in their units. During a pandemic, its especially critical to control the security to your building or property. Increased scrutiny on who comes and goes and enforcing protocols will be your responsibility as an owner. A commitment to better safety not only reassures your tenants, but it can also encourage them to also practice better pandemic-related safety.

Being a good property owner is based on fostering a good relationship with the occupants of your spaces. In normal circumstances, it’s your responsibility to provide security, cleaning and general types of insurance. During a global pandemic, it’s your duty to step it up for the good of everyone involved.