A Dazzling Brilliance: Trends in Home Lighting

A Dazzling Brilliance: Trends in Home Lighting

If you are out to buy light fittings, you may find yourself spoilt for choice. What are the “rules” for using chandeliers? How many lamps will give me the light I need in the den, without looking too cluttered? Do I have any options in “green” lighting that do not look like utilitarian and industrial cast-offs? Most importantly for some, how do I give my home a style that is forward looking, yet not too avant-garde? This year’s looks in interior design, while featuring the latest in technological innovation, hearken back to the classics without being overtly nostalgic. Lighting trends of 2012 include:

Crystal Opulence

Chandeliers are big in 2012, for those who are in the market to buy light fittings. Light as decorative element, these old-world inspired designs feature classic motifs and graceful styling. Whether in the foyer, in the dining room above the table, or just about anywhere, they can serve to tie the room together into a grand and unified whole. A good rule of thumb for sizing in the dining room is ensuring that the diameter of the chandelier be half the length of the table.

By Your Command – Voice Activation

Another trend that has become more and more popular is the use of voice activation. A bit more advanced than the “clap on, clap off” plug-in adverts of the past, these systems respond to voice commands in much the same way as many other smart products in our homes. When you buy light fittings like these, it is important to find an installer who knows how to calibrate the controls to your voice and the voices of those who will also be using the lighting. Closely related to voice activation are systems that are geared to whatever kind of music you happen to be playing. Let your sounds and lights combine to set the perfect mood.

Pendulum Swings and Drumming Up Some Shade

The drumshade is making a comeback. Whether as a humble beige accent piece or a gold leaf decorated screen, this ubiquitous piece can be found on everything from ornate table lamps to hanging pendants. Speaking of pendants, many of us grew up with the George Nelson Bubble Lamps frosted glass organic shape hanging from ceilings in the family room. While the originals are becoming as scarce as the proverbial hen’s teeth, the style developed back in 1947 has returned, either as a reproduction or as a re-interpretation.

Making It Your Own

Plan and envision your rooms. Decide what you want to say about you, to your family and to your guests. The watchword this year is elegant – see how best you can incorporate elegance into the lighting of your home.