A Crystal Chandelier for Your Home Is Both Modern and Traditional

A Crystal Chandelier for Your Home Is Both Modern and Traditional

Most people associate chandeliers with palaces, high end hotels and stately homes. However, manufacturers are well aware of the need for modern chandelier designs that suit smaller residential spaces, and chandeliers are becoming once again a popular fixture in modern homes. A crystal chandelier for your home can be contemporary and traditional at the same time, giving that special touch to otherwise minimalist surroundings, or creating a feeling of luxury on a dining room or living space.

However, chandeliers aren’t suitable for every room, and one thing you must keep in mind is the height of the ceiling. If you use a chandelier or any form of statement central lighting on a room with a low ceiling you risk making the room look overcrowded and smaller, which is never a good feeling when trying to create an inviting home d?�cor. Above all, make sure the lowest point of a chandelier is well above the heads of anybody standing under it, as most people will find the risk of hitting a chandelier pendant with their head quite disturbing.

Crystal chandeliers have a way of reflecting the light that glass models cannot compare to, and so they make more of a statement. If you want your chandelier to be bold, big and sparkly choose one made with Swarovski crystal or a similar quality crystal with a sparkling cut. Alternatively, you can find modern designs in different colours and abstract patterns that create lots of interest on a smaller size.

It is important to be careful about the degree of light provided by the chandelier, and most people choose to use a dimmer switch instead of a regular one. Most chandeliers make normal bulbs look too strong and instead of a subtle sparkle and elegant illumination you can end up with a blinding roof effect. If you want to enjoy the subtle twinkling light of a chandelier but also have enough light to read comfortably, try layering the lighting in the room using other sources of lights at ground level, such as lamps. Alternatively, make sure you choose low wattage bulbs to avoid the chandelier light becoming too intense.

Choose a chandelier that fits the size and style of your room, and avoid combining an over-the-top cascading giant with a small, minimalistic room, or letting a small chandelier become invisible by placing it on a big room or too high in the ceiling. The right chandelier will give your home the mystery and luxury of a golden age, without looking outdated or excessive.