5 Security Measures To Add to Your Rental Property

Your rental property is of great value to you, but you can’t always be there to check on it. Therefore, as an owner, you should consider different ways to protect the investment and signal you when trouble does arise. As you fix up your place for your next tenant, add the following five security measures.

1. Add Cameras

You cannot put cameras inside the home because that is an invasion of privacy. Your renters want some seclusion; however, most tenants appreciate having cameras outside, especially near doors or darker areas. This system could remind them to keep everything above board, and the cameras signal others to stay away.

2. Give Yourself Weather Protection

Locations suffer from different weather effects. High winds and hurricane rain may damage windows and roofs in the South. Invest in studied materials that can handle the higher forces. In the North, the weight of snow threatens the home’s structure and roofing. Predictive monitoring technologies may give you a heads up that you need technicians to clear it off.

3. Pay for a Home Security System

The cost of a monthly security system monitoring may save you the hassle of turning to insurance in the case of significant robberies or other events. While it’s an added expense, the professionals may alert you to potential break-ins or notify you of a fire if the alarms begin to sound. Again, you can use this as a selling point for tenants, possibly increasing rent to cover the price.

4. Upgrade the Exterior Doors

Entry points are vulnerable spots that require some additional attention. Buy durable exterior doors for both the front and back. Check to see that the locking systems work as well. For instance, do you have a sliding glass door? These are easier to break through than a traditional door. Swap it out for french doors or work with a security company to bolster measures there.

5. Brighten the Outdoors

Keep things lit outside. Minimizing darkness makes it easier to see others getting near your place and prevents possible issues. Solar-powered lawn stakes are one way to keep the walkways lit. In addition, change out the bulbs in the outdoor lights regularly to keep them working correctly.

Safeguard your rental home from potential hazards and disasters. You cannot be there, and while you’d like to put faith in your renters, they may not observe or see any signs of danger. Keep your eyes on it in other ways. Use a security system, cameras and upgraded equipment to thwart possible conditions.