3 Things to Know Before Building a Patio

You’re done looking at pictures on social media. You want to build your own backyard patio, manifesting the backyard of your dreams. Before you get started, there are some things you should know.

Ask First

Some people like to say “it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission,” but that is terrible advice when it comes to construction projects.

If you rent your property, you should ask your landlord for permission before you start building. If you live in a condo or other private community, you should run your plans by your homeowners’ association to make sure you’re not breaking any rules.

You may not need a building permit for the patio itself, but if you plan on attaching a roof or cover, your municipality may require applying for one. Check your local laws and regulations to avoid fines.

Watch the Weather

If your ground isn’t level and you need to hire excavation services Fairfield County CT to even things out, it would be best to wait until summer. Springtime muddiness can pose a hazard, and the ground may be frozen in the late fall and winter. Consult with a contractor to figure out what is the best start date for your project and to create a timeline to avoid inclement weather.

Plan It Out

From the size of the patio to the exact placement of your materials, you should have a solid number of what you need rather than a vague idea. You don’t want to get halfway through construction of your Austin top Awnings just to realize you have only a fraction of the supplies necessary, or that you’re building something that needs twice the space you thought it would.

A patio can turn your backyard into your private getaway. Whether you want a place to host get-togethers or a quiet place for contemplation, a patio can breathe new life into your home.