3 Key Landscape Upgrades To Make When Selling a Home

Are you looking to give your home a quick landscaping update prior to selling? Smart sellers know that good landscaping catches the attention of prospective buyers and drives up the value of your property. Here are three key landscape upgrades you should make before your house goes on the market.

1. Remove Tree Stumps

Big projects tend to scare away potential buyers, especially big projects in the yard. If you have any unsightly tree stumps in your yard that you’ve neglected to remove, you need to get the job done prior to selling so that buyers don’t see this as something they’ll need to do themselves. Contact the experts in tree stump removal Orlando FL to get rid of these unappealing features and improve the overall appearance of your yard.

2. Improve the Lawn

Your lawn likely takes up the most real estate in your yard, which is why it needs to be in excellent shape when you go to sell. When selling in the warmer months, keep the grass mowed and take the extra step of trimming the edges. If you’re selling in the colder seasons, make sure the lawn is free from debris like twigs or leaves. Buyers appreciate a “trophy lawn,” and it’s something they’ll pay more for.

3. Add Colorful Touches

Color makes a yard more inviting, and it’s easy to add color with some flowers. Place some potted plants near your front entry. Brightly colored annuals are recommended since they’re easy to maintain and they pack a visual punch. Arranging the flowerpots near your entry turns it into a charming focal point that draws in buyers.

Your home’s landscaping has the potential to be a value-adding selling feature. Follow these tips to give your yard a makeover that helps get your property sold for the price you want.