3 Reasons Natural Gas Is a Good Choice

Since there are many different energy sources available for commercial and residential use, knowing the benefits of each one can make you a more informed consumer. Natural gas is praised as clean energy, since it burns more cleanly than some of the other fossil fuels. It also has lower levels of harmful emissions. There are four primary advantages of using natural gas for your energy source over oil or coal.

The Affordability

For most consumers, natural gas is much cheaper than what electricity would cost to heat your water or your home. It is also comparatively less than oil or coal for the same uses, cutting costs by half in many locations. When heating your home with natural gas instead of using a non-gas source, you could save thousands over the lifetime of your heating unit.  The fact that natural gas is a deregulated utility also keeps costs low. The natural gas supplier Sugar Land TX consumers choose can be based on price.

The Environmental Benefit

Solar and wind energy are cleaner energy sources than natural gas, but natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel. According to statistics, almost 3,000 pounds of carbon dioxide are kept out of the atmosphere each time a home makes the switch to natural gas for their water heater. Natural gas also has little to no sulfur emissions, making it more eco-friendly and efficient than other fuel sources.

The Dependability

Weather incidents are known for knocking out your electricity, taking your source of power for water heaters, lighting, cooking, and heating or cooling. Systems that run on electricity are vulnerable to shutdowns, but powering appliances through natural gas delivers energy constantly. Underground pipelines deliver a safe and continuous feed, giving you what you need during a storm.

If your home is not set up for natural gas, you will need to check with your city utilities to find out if it is an option. It could be worth making the switch.