What Type of Insulation Should You Use in Your Home

Insulation is the hidden stuff in the walls of your home that helps regulate the temperature throughout the year. Without it, your HVAC units wouldn’t be able to handle the extreme swings from hot to cold in different seasons. It helps you save money on your energy bills and increases the life of your heating and cooling equipment. Here are the different types of insulation available to use in your home.

Batt Insulation

One of the most common types of foam insulation in Pittsburgh PA is batting or roll insulation. It is relatively inexpensive, readily available and easy to install. You may need several layers to achieve the amount of insulation you need.

Loose Fill

Made from recycled waste material, this type of insulation is an effective option when you need insulation around a variety of structures. It can be blown in with a machine to cover the areas that require additional filling. This kind is very useful around pipes and ductwork.

Foam Boards

Foam boards are thick, strong and water-resistant, making them an excellent option when you need a sturdy insulation form. While effective, they take longer to install, which can bump up the cost of installation.


While the other types of insulation resist heat flow, radiant materials reflect the heat instead. It is easy to install and is most helpful in very hot climates. This type is commonly paired with foam insulation to reduce energy costs during the winter months.

Spray Foam

Spray foam expands and hardens after it’s sprayed onto the surface. It helps seal cracks or gaps to reduce heat loss through tiny areas. This kind is more expensive and requires a professional to install.

When you need to choose the insulation for your home, research the options and choose the best one based on your budget and the type of space you’re reinforcing.