What Is the Most Durable Metal Roof?

Metal roofs are often associated with steel roofing, but many other materials exist. The type of material you choose will depend on where you live and your environment. Aluminum roofs are a great option to resist rust in coastal areas, but their durability factor can be lower than other materials. There are pros and cons to steel, copper, and zinc metal roofing material.

Aluminum Roofing

For coastal climates, aluminum metal roofs are highly recommended. Aluminum’s resistance against salt corrosion makes it a preferred choice over other metal roofing materials. Although it is commonly believed that aluminum roofs are immune to decline, they react almost immediately to changes in the atmosphere.

Aluminum roofing materials are more robust than steel in strength-to-weight ratio, but panels often become too thin for the environment. Environmental stresses such as hail and high winds can damage the roofing material. Identifying the environmental pressures your aluminum roof will encounter is crucial before choosing the right design.

Zinc Roofing

Zinc is an excellent metal. It can be used to repair scratches lasting over 100 years. Zinc’s natural properties make it a popular choice for commercial projects because of its ability to easily be formed and manipulated to create unique shapes. Although chalking Zinc isn’t considered a desirable aspect of the metal over time, it can be controlled and cleaned to a certain extent.

Zinc’s main drawbacks are its chalking effect and high price. Zinc is expensive. Zinc is often comparable to Copper. Zinc, like Copper, requires the skilled installation to fully benefit from its benefits as a building material.

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