Using A Vintage Bath Rack To Its Full Potential

Using A Vintage Bath Rack To Its Full Potential

When people decide to go vintage in the bathroom they must go the whole hog. It is not just about Vintage Baths, there is so much more that can be done to the bathroom to achieve this look. After one has installed the bath and made other changes such as cabinets and toilets, one needs to think about the towel rails.

Nice white fluffy towels hanging from old-fashioned wooden towelling racks will really round the look off quite nicely. Everything is important to achieve the desired result. One needs to have the right mirror on the wall and even the hooks on the back on the bathroom door. All of these combined work together to give a really old-fashioned bathroom.

Shelving is another area that needs attention. Corner shelves look really nice and they are ideal for saving space. The towel bars should be situated where they will be most convenient in terms of accessing the towel after bathing.

Some people place these on the shower door while others place them beside the shower door. If space permits, one could have a heat rack for the purposes of warming the towels up before use. Corner shelving can help to accommodate the heat rack.

Materials vary that can be used for the towel bar. This could be wrought iron, porcelain or translucent glass. The lighting and the towel rack should perhaps compliment each other.

Before revamping the bathroom one should probably do a detailed budget listing every item that is going to be needed in the bathroom. Vintage Baths come in many shapes and sizes and will probably be the most expensive item. Each of the other items should be listed with prices next to them. It may be that one is unable to buy everything at one shop, as certain items could be cheaper at other stores.