Updating Your Doors With New Hardware

Updating Your Doors With New Hardware

Updating your doors with new hardware is a quick and easy way to breathe new life into an old door. There are a variety of styles and sizes available for just about any type of door. From brass to silver, there is no end to the possibilities of door hardware. Most large home improvement stores feature a selection of hardware, but for more unique styles it is often best to search online retailers.

Hardware StylesTraditional, shiny hardware installed on most doors is usually made of brass, bronze or steel. These types of hardware are relatively inexpensive and come in a variety of styles. Choose keyed sets, mortise entry sets or any number of door accessory pieces. Using traditional brass, bronze or steel to update doors, offers a new focal point with traditional flair. These materials are also easy to clean and maintain.

Nostalgic door hardware has more flair and personality than traditional hardware tends to have. It is a great alternative to traditional hardware on older homes. Stately front doors require hardware that has as much personality as they do, and nostalgic hardware provides that. Online retailers often offer the best selection of these non-traditional pieces. Even though the design may be reminiscent of past times, the actual hardware is usually very up to date and secure.

Other Door HardwareBesides the locks and door handles there are other pieces of door hardware that can be replaced to update a door. New door knockers are especially powerful focal points. They come in styles ranging from the sleek and modern to elegant, lion headed knockers. Each style provides a different look and feel for the front door. Antique shops and home salvage yards often have non-traditional and very unique door knockers in their inventory.

InstallationInstalling new hardware is not difficult. It requires a couple hours of time and the proper tools. If you are updating your doors with new hardware, be sure that the new pieces are similar to the currently installed hardware in size. If the door has a keyed deadbolt and a separate door handle, it is best to replace it with a separate deadbolt and handle. This makes it much easier and prevents the need to drill additional holes in the door.

Begin by removing the old hardware, working one piece at a time. After removal, gently clean off the area and install the new locks and handles according to the manufacturer’s directions. By working one piece at a time, for instance deadbolt and then door handle, it is easier to stop if the need arises before all pieces are installed. Once the new hardware is on the door, the look and feel of the home’s entrance will change dramatically.

Updating your doors with new hardware can be a relatively inexpensive way to completely change the look of the home’s exterior. Simple or sophisticated, each new piece of hardware offers its own style. Choose new hardware that works well with the age of the home for the best look and fit.