Updating with Personal Design Features

After the completion of a kitchen or bathroom remodeling or renovation, you may look around and realize the other rooms in your home could use a little updating. Updating can be achieved in a variety of ways. It gives you an opportunity to showcase your unique design style.


A fresh coat of paint can breathe new life into a room. There is an increase in the color range typically referred to as neutrals. The ordinary beige and gray have been joined by sage green, slate blue and various other earthy shades to make up the neutral palette. You might want to revive older pieces of furniture by painting them. Slipcovers can perk up chairs with faded upholstery or with fabric that’s not complementary to your new color scheme.


You can get lots of decorating inspiration at handcraftrugs.com. Textures play a vital role in elevating the aesthetics of a room. You can let your creativity run free when shopping for rugs. The color, texture and design you select will give the room a uniqueness that matches your design style. You can enliven a child’s room with brightly colored rugs. Playtime rugs are a fun and purposeful addition to a child’s room.


You can update any room with new lighting. Replacing a ceiling mount light in a bedroom with chandelier lighting can make a dramatic difference in the room. You can update a laundry room, kid’s room, bedroom or living room with a chandelier or pendant lighting. Adding a whimsical, contemporary style floor lamp to a room can instantly perk up a mundane décor. Don’t overlook the impact wall sconces and table lamps can have on the overall appearance of a room.

Explore the current décor trends and include some of them throughout your home to create an overall updated appearance. Natural décor and nature-related colors are popular right now. Doing something as simple as adding plants to your décor and adding natural decorative accessories will add a trendy, updated touch to your décor.