Tips To Prevent Mold Growth in Your Home

Fungus grows quickly. The spores can reproduce within 24 to 48 hours, spreading throughout a home. Once inside, they feast on damp, organic material. The contamination is troubling and demands immediate and careful cleaning. There are things owners can do to prevent the microbes from taking over. Use the following tips to reduce your home’s exposure.

1. Patch the Roof

The rooftop is a barrier between you and external elements, including moisture. Sometimes, small openings appear, though, resulting from cracks or breaks in the shingles. These gaps allow water to seep into the roof’s structure. Gradually the dampness increases. When it activates with spores, a problem starts.

Owners should remain aware of the home’s condition and seek assistance from experts in roof repair South St Paul MN. Fix any problems immediately to keep rain from triggering development.

2. Run the HVAC

Your air conditioner circulates cool air and pulls out dampness from the room. It is an excellent method to maintain temperature levels and reduce mold’s favorite climate: wet. Clean out the unit regularly to ensure it works at optimum performance.

3. Keep an Eye on Plumbing

Small drips from faucets and lines may enter into the drywall. There, a mold infestation can occur, migrating to other rooms. Take time every month or so to evaluate the space under your sinks. Call plumbers if you suspect a problem.

4. Run Your Shower’s Fan

A warm shower sounds amazing, but that dampness shouldn’t linger in the air. The heat and water encourage fungus. You don’t have to give up showers, but remember to run the fan afterward to dry up the space. If you can’t do that, invest in a dehumidifier.

Safeguard your house from mold by taking measures to limit dampness. Know your vulnerable spots, and have a plan to keep those areas dry.