Tips on Relocating Your Industrial Plant

Picking a location to build your manufacturing plant isn’t a permanent choice—in fact, relocating is common in the industrial sector for many reasons from escaping high overhead costs to getting closer to major customers. Still, relocation is a massive undertaking and not to be taken lightly. To better face this task, keep these tips in mind as you prepare.

Form a Plan

Before anything else, outline as much of the relocation process as you can at the start. Take inventory on what you’re moving, making note of what condition your equipment is in and whether anything needs to be refurbished or liquidated. This is critical to understanding the scope of the project, making a budget for the move and ensuring nothing gets lost in transit. You should also create a schedule for the moving and reinstallation process, minimizing downtime while still giving ample room for preparation.

Proper Packaging

Before you start putting everything into wooden crates, consider the safety of your equipment in transit. What is it vulnerable to? Whether it’s heat, moisture, vibration or impact with other parts, your packaging should protect against it. Consult the manufacturer’s manual for relevant information, and find a partner specialized in industrial packaging to guide you.

Know Your Crew

As always, you should be prepared to ask questions about the services provided by an industrial equipment relocation company. This includes subcontractors they use, transportation equipment they have ready, the experience that the team has and a quote for the project. Ideally, you should consult with, and get quotes from, at least three movers before choosing one.

Clear Communication

Expert contractors can only help so much if you don’t keep them informed. This includes equipment audits, work schedules, special handling instructions and transport routes. At every stage of the project, you should have clear lines of communication open, especially in case of possible changes to your plan. This doesn’t necessarily mean calling all the shots, though—if the crew has input, it’s worth listening to.

Relocating a manufacturing plant is a challenging process for any business. However, with the right preparation and coordination, it’s a challenge that you can overcome.