Tips on Creating a Great Bathroom Lighting Design

Tips on Creating a Great Bathroom Lighting Design

When it comes to bathroom lighting design, bathrooms are likely given the least attention of all the areas in the home. But really a bathroom can mean good investment and it’s an area of the home where you spend a lot of time, it should be a comfortable space. One major design feature is lighting.. As the bathroom is popularly becoming a space to relax and unwind, the lighting calls for more consideration. And when it’s appropriately applied, the result is well worth it. Consider an online lighting store to figure out your style and your price range.

Good bathroom lighting design applies a series of layers. In this case, you apply enough light where it is required for showers, putting on makeup and shaving, while on the other hand, you apply other light sources to improve the overall ambiance of the room.

By putting together functionality, atmosphere and highlighting, you bathroom lighting concepts will become something you and your guests can marvel at in for many years to come. First, you need to think about the overall ambiance you want to develop for your bathroom. Establish how your bathroom should feel, and then mentally create concepts for bathroom lighting that will generate the desired tone.

For something more peaceful, think about the atmosphere of a low voltage mini pendant lamp located in the middle of the bathroom ceiling. If you wish to generate a feeling of more space, you can try modern cascading bulbs. For something more interesting and intricate, consider installing a chandelier-this is ideal for larger bathrooms or bathrooms that need a bit of spicing up.

Now let’s get into the practical stuff. A poorly lit shower area or vanity can make you not want to use your bathroom. After all, it is a space where we spend a lot of time. Handle this problem by adding a vanity light above the mirror. You could even add bulbs around your vanity mirror to replicate that old Hollywood appearance. Wall sconces are great for this.

You could employ a wide range of recessed lights for lighting up all kinds of bathtubs and showers. Choose lighting fixtures that give off a powerful, clear shine without the starkness of overhead fixtures.

Of course, you should always try to stay safe when applying any lighting fixture to your bathroom. For instance, fixtures, especially those mainly used for practical purposes such as illuminating shower areas and bathtubs, should be able to provide enough light. If you don’t like the aesthetic of ordinary fluorescent lighting, you can use a low voltage recessed light or frosted glass domed light with reflector.