Three Home Maintenance Tasks not to Overlook

Home ownership expenses extend beyond the initial cost of the home. A significant part of home ownership comes in the form of maintenance. Constant cleaning, servicing, updating and renovating are essential to maintaining the value of your home. While some tasks such as mowing the lawn are easy to remember, here are three home maintenance tasks that should not be overlooked.

Chimney Cleaning

Even though you may only use your chimney a few months out of the year, having your chimney cleaned regularly is critical. Look for a professional chimney cleaning in MD company that has years of experience. There are several tasks that need to be performed during your service:

  • Sweeping to remove any dirt, fragments and wildlife such as birds
  • Relining to help control flames and decrease the chance of cracks occurring
  • Repairing any damaged bricks or compromised chimney structures

Gutter Cleaning

Gutters often have debris in them because homeowners don’t climb on the roof regularly to check them. Clean gutters are important during all seasons of the year. During warmer months, leaves and other rubble can build up in your gutters. This creates a perfect situation for rodents and other insects to make a home. During the winter, water in your gutters can freeze and the weight can cause your gutters to detach from your home. If you don’t feel comfortable cleaning your gutters, hire a professional to perform the cleaning.

Heating and Cooling Servicing

Your heating and cooling system is central to maintaining the comfort level in your home. Homeowners tend to overlook this important system until it’s no longer working. To avoid having this vital system malfunction, change your air filter regularly and schedule annual service with a professional company. A heating and cooling professional can check the components of your HVAC system.

To help maintain the value and comfort of your home, remember to perform regular chimney cleaning, gutter cleaning and heating and cooling servicing.