Things To Consider Before Building a Vacation Cabin

Do you long for the open air of the wilderness, the smell of a wood-burning stove, or the peacefulness of the birds singing? If you enjoy your weekends away from the city, you should consider building a vacation cabin. Here are some things to consider to make this dream a reality.

Consider Where You Want To Buy Land

When searching for land away from it all, your best option is to work with a realtor. It’s not as simple as finding a piece of land and deciding you want to buy it. Many open areas of land are protected by wildlife management or are part of national forests. A realtor has land listings Forks WA available to view, so you know you are buying property designed for homes.

Think About Utilities

Building in a rural area has a few options for utilities, but these are quite different from what you’d expect in the city. Many of these pieces of land are off the grid, meaning they aren’t attached to city water or sewer and don’t have access to electrical power or gas lines. Knowing what you want before you build is important so you can set up the utilities before laying the foundation. Some options to consider are do you want a septic tank or a more rural outhouse, propane or wood heat, or solar power versus a gas generator. Building in a remote area requires you to be more self-sustained than in the city, and you need to be smart about your energy usage.

Know Accessibility Limitations

The joy of being away from civilization in the wilderness has many advantages, but traveling to and from your cabin may not be one of them. Ensure you are aware of any seasonal road limitations and be prepared with snow chains, a snowmobile or a four-wheeler should roads be closed to bigger vehicles.