Seven Outrageous Ideas For Your Fence Installation

Incorporating repurposed materials into your fence installation is a fun way to create a unique fence. Instead of buying new materials, you can repurpose doors, shutters, wagon wheels, or surfboards. These special items can be installed as decorative accents on your fence.

Repurposed Doors

Attaching the old gates to the fence post is the hardest part of building a fence with repurposed doors. However, building a fence with old doors is different from installing a regular privacy fence. You can arrange the doors according to height and color, or you can also randomly place them.

Repurposed doors at fence installation Lake County IL are a great way to add character to your fence. Choose panels that are approximately one-fourth inch apart. Make sure to alternate rough and smooth sides.

Recycled Shutters

Recycled shutters are a great way to dress up a fence, and you can use them for many creative and unique purposes. For example, you can make amazing shelves out of them. They’ll make a unique bookcase or wall shelf for your home, and you can use them as decorative accents in your decor.

Repurposed Wagon Wheels

Repurposed wagon wheels are a creative way to add a unique design to a fence installation. You can use a different wheel on each side of a gate or install a full fence made of wagon wheels. Different-sized wheels give the fence a rustic or prairie look. You can also plant native plants in front of the wheels to make them more attractive.

Decorative wooden wagon wheels are a great way to add rustic style to your home, patio, or garden. They can be used to accent any outdoor living area and can be purchased at many lawn and garden stores.

Recycled Surfboards

If you’re looking for a unique fence installation, consider using recycled surfboards. These boards are made from the same wood that is used in fences. The old fiberglass is removed, and the board is then made into a new one. The boards come from many places, including beach trash cans and alleyways. The wood used in surfboards comes from construction scrap, cabinetmaker scrap, and bookshelves. You can also find the fins made from skateboards or fence boards.

Ka’Ohu Farms in Maui, Hawaii, has a surfboard fence made from more than 650 old surfboards. The fence was constructed as part of hurricane preparation. Today, it is a tourist attraction and a unique photo opportunity. While the surfboard fence is located on private property, visitors are welcome to take it in sight.

Gabion Walls

Fences have changed from being a necessity for keeping out undesirables to becoming popular for highlighting landscape design and framing gardens. Whether you are looking for an upgrade for an existing fence or a unique way to add to an existing one, a fence can set your property apart from the rest. That’s why choosing the right fence for your property is essential. While the most common choice is an iron fence, many other designs and materials

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