Preparing Your Home For Resident Carpet Cleaning

Carpets should be cleaned at least once a year. However, some people prefer twice a year because of the winter months or having multiple pets. No matter how often you have your carpets cleaned, people still ask how to prepare their home for a professional cleaning service. When it’s time for residential carpet cleaning, homeowners can read these tips about preparing their home for the carpet cleaning team.

Residential Carpet Cleaning Greensboro: Steps to Prepare

Even if you regularly dust and vacuum, your carpets still need a deep cleaning to get out any tricky challenges like pet hair or any dirt, dust mite build-up, or cigarette smoke.

  • Ask questions — Ask the cleaning team about the process, so you’re prepared.
  • Vacuum — Some recommend vacuuming before cleaning to get up any loose items. This also allows them to concentrate on the carpet cleaning because they charge by the square feet and not by the hour.
  • Move your furniture — When searching for residential carpet cleaning in Greensboro, many recommend leaving large dressers in the room and moving everything else to a bathroom or the living room, if possible.
  • Remove fragile items — Put away breakable items to ensure they don’t get damaged.
  • Check for loose items — Look for loose items like bobbi pins, jewelry, or any tiny toys that can get stuck in a vacuum.
  • Thorough cleaning — Clean your home from top to bottom
  • Secure your pets — Make sure your pets are in another room. Typically, cats will hide, but it’s good to make sure they’re in a room where they’ll feel safe.