Prepare for the Summer With These 3 Home Improvement Projects

With kids home from school and jobs that have reduced summer hours, many families spend more time at home in the summer than at other times.  That means you want the house to be in top shape so you can enjoy it more. These three home improvement projects can ensure your home is ready to face the heat of summer with style and grace, so you can enjoy the time a little more.

1. Upgrade Your Air Conditioning Unit

Air conditioning is a must for many people. Not only does it keep temperatures down inside, but it also helps reduce humidity levels, which makes your house considerably more comfortable. A new energy-efficient AC unit is a great investment if your current one is older. It will also help you avoid having to schedule an emergency air conditioning repair Fort Myers FL in the middle of summer.

2. Install a Backyard Pool

Having a pool in the yard offers countless advantages for the entire family. For example, it provides an excellent opportunity to get in some exercise, or you can choose to just relax on the pool deck or play fun water-based games. It’s also a great way to beat the summer heat. While you can always choose to have a pool installed during the summer, this often makes a better off-season project. That gives you plenty of time to replant the surrounding area and get the yard back in order before you open it up.

3. Prepare Garden Beds

If you prefer to play in the soil instead of the water, consider adding a few garden beds to the year. You can even use raised beds or embrace container gardening if accessibility is an issue. Planning ahead gives you time to improve the soil with compost or other amendments so your summer plants can grow healthy and strong.

Projects like adding a pool, tuning up the AC unit and planning a garden can help you stay comfortable and engaged without having to leave the house this summer.