Porcelain Tiles for Chic and Classy Look

Porcelain Tiles for Chic and Classy Look

To make a dull and dreary space vibrant, chic and classically beautiful, choose porcelain tiles. They are a kind of ceramic tiles made of white clay and has minimal water absorption rate of 0.5%. This makes them best suited for wet areas like kitchens and bathrooms. They are also popularly used in other parts of houses including the dining area, living space or even bedrooms. Chinese, Italian and Spanish porcelain tiles are utilized for designer tiling to your space. Their durability and contemporary look are making them popular for home interiors.


These are of three types: natural, polished and glazed porcelain tiles. Natural or better known as ‘through body porcelain’ are not polished or glazed and are very porous while polished porcelain tiles have a finish but not glazed and thus need to be sealed. Polished porcelain tile comes close to the granite finish. Glazed porcelain tile are good option for kitchens and bathrooms due to their strength, stain resistance and water absorption quality. But here you have to make choice for these tiles because they are slip resistant also. The tile with high wear rating or PIE rating standard is fit for high traffic areas.

Color, sizes and shape

White is the primary color that gives the freedom of using different colors, designs and patterns along with them. All the more, they are now available in different colors also which you can use in any part of the house according to your choice. These tiles come in different sizes and shape for walls, flooring and vanity tops, thus giving options to choose according to your needs.

Other features

Since these are fired at a higher temperature, this makes them stronger than any other ceramic tiles. They can tolerate UV rays and can stand any chemical test also. They are scratch resistance, fire resistant, stain resistant, frost resistant and water proof. Glazed Porcelain tiles are easy to maintain while natural or unglazed tiles need to be properly sealed to avoid its difficult cleaning.

Environment friendly

They are made from natural materials without causing any harm to landfills. This makes them environment friendly product. These tiles do not have the anti microbial qualities of a linoleum floor and do not attract dust and dirt.


Laying porcelain tiles is a challenging procedure as they are very strong and heavy. It needs an adequate planning of space, size and material required before installation. It’s preferable to get done the installation by an expert worker. It is important to do some research to get the right quality.