Pool Cleaning Basics

Managing your swimming pool can be a daunting task. Whether you do it on your own or enlist the help of pool maintenance Pittsburgh, certain cleaning methods are necessary to preserve the quality of the pool. Here are some tips to help you tackle your pool-cleaning journey.

Keep the Pool Water Stable

The depth of the pool will determine the amount of time you’ll spend managing its water. Checking the water’s pH level once a month with a water testing kit is one of the most important maintenance steps to take. An average of pH level of 7.5 is good to keep your pool at its homeostasis. Lower levels mean your pool water is too acidic; higher levels mean your pool water is too basic.

Besides your monthly checking of the pH level, get a professional involved in any detailed sanitation treatments. The chlorine level should be just enough for a safe swim, for example, but what that specific amount of sanitizer is varies from pool to pool.

Clean Both Essential and Special Features

The filter is your pool’s workhorse. Make sure to clean it at least four times a year. Additionally, the pool pump and skimmers should be cleaned twice each season, and you’ll want to scoop the pool’s top layer daily to keep the surface of the water sparkling.

Don’t forget to give some attention to your pool’s special features, too, like lavish waterfalls or twinkling lights. Be extra careful that no mold or scum is allowed to develop in places that aren’t easy to reach.

Maintain Your Pristine Pool

Taking care of your pool is essential for enjoying crystal-clear water all summer long. Whether you clean it yourself or leave that work entirely to the professionals, it’s important to maintain the look, comfort and safety of your private oasis.