How to Tell When Your Dog Needs to Go to the Bathroom

How to Tell When Your Dog Needs to Go to the Bathroom

When training your dog it’s important to make sure that you and your dog both are following the proper steps. For example, you can’t expect your dog to know what you’re talking about if you didn’t take the time to properly train you dog. Likewise you cannot expect your dog to learn a trick if you’re teaching him properly, but he’s not paying attention. This is also true with potty training your dog, because you will have to work with your dog initially to see when he needs to go out to use the bathroom. Dogs are dogs and the chances are the he will not come and find you to let you know when he needs to go out in the beginning stages of potty training. Because if this it’s important to recognize the signs that your dog needs to go to the bathroom.

Sniffing Around – One of the first signs that your dog may need to use the bathroom is if he begins to sniff around like he’s searching for something. If your dog is playing and suddenly starts sniffing around, the chances are that he is trying to find the perfect spot to use the bathroom.

Darting Back and Forth – Another sign that your dog needs to use the bathroom is if he starts to pace back and forth fairly quickly. This is something many dogs do when they are trying to find that “perfect spot” to use the bathroom. Most dogs who spin in circles before they fall asleep will develop this habit.

Crouching Down – The final thing a dog will do before he uses the bathroom inside is begin to crouch down so his rear end is closer to the floor.

If you see any of the above signs and your dog is inside you will need to quickly distract your dog from using the bathroom (call his name, clap you hands, etc.) and then immediately take him outside so he can go potty.